Introduction to GitHub Enterprise with Bryan Blain


What is GitHub Enterprise? 

GitHub Enterprise enables organizations to leverage the tools and practices that have helped Open Source communities thrive and produce great work. However, many organizations have security and governance needs that go beyond community-based, Open Source projects.  

That’s where GitHub Enterprise comes in. It offers the features that a lot of enterprises need from a security, compliance, and auditing standpoint. It really puts the governance in place to protect the assets these companies are building in technical IP.  


How does GitHub Enterprise accelerate developer velocity? 

We’ve heard a lot about developer velocity, especially with the McKinsey report that came out recently. Microsoft stands behind this as well. You may have noticed how they’ve started talking about their developer velocity index.  

We’ve seen that one of the biggest contributors to increased developer velocity is reducing friction within development teams. This really helps them unleash their potential. One of the biggest contributors to this is really having the right tools and the right platform to develop on.   

GitHub Enterprise provides a lot of the benefits of the open source community that can now be brought into an organization. You get the benefit of inner sourcing while also securing your source code and your software supply chain. Through this, you enable teams to continue to use a tool, a platform, that they’re familiar with. 


What is Quisitive’s High Gear for GitHub? 

At Quisitive, we’ve developed a new offering called High Gear for GitHub. This offering is designed to help companies embrace DevOps. A lot of companies don’t know where to start or they’re looking at DevOps through a myopic lens 

With our High Gear for GitHub offering, we engage in 3 different phases.  

The first phase is about helping the organization understand DevOps in totality. We use this term quite a bit, and it means a lot of different things to different people—as you find out in conversation. In reality, DevOps is much more than source code management in CI/CD. It embraces a lot of different kinds of philosophies and processes. So, we created a workshop geared towards helping organizations understand what DevOps is and how it can help across people, processes, and technology.  

In the second phase, we dive into GitHub itself and how to best configure it for an enterprise. This includes the policies that the enterprise should set up to drive collaboration and innersourcing. We ensure that policy and governance needs are being met.  

Finally, we take it into High Gear. Now that the organization has the foundation and common understanding to take to their projects, we can bring to put automation in place. We help them start to use the repository and set up automated builds. We can then take those builds and release them repeatedly and consistently into Microsoft Azure.  


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