Case Study


Laying a Foundation for Agile Content Management.

SolarWinds, a provider of IT management products, didn’t have much ability to author and publish content in an agile fashion. This was a less than ideal situation, given that their website is their primary storefront and source of revenue. Because of the criticality of their digital storefront, the technology that they chose for content development and publication had to be very good.

Start Right

The company engaged Quisitive to implement Sitecore and create a foundation that could provide content management that wasn’t convoluted or dependent upon inflexible third-party systems. Timing was critical, as Solarwinds needed new content and promotional material to support an upcoming product launch and they didn’t want to have to create it in the old CMS and then migrate it.

Quisitive focused on laying a foundation that would empower SolarWinds to re-imagine their processes and utilize key tools to speed their time to market. From an architectural standpoint, the platform was built with the ability to host multiple sites under a single Sitecore implementation. This was essential for the organization because they maintain separate brands for different products but wanted to keep everything in a single CMS.

The project entailed migrating more than 3,900 pages of content including their resource center. Pricing and product data had to be pulled from internal systems as well. Due to the sheer volume of the content, Quisitive developed a specialized content migration engine to move everything from the old environment to the new. This required extensive mapping from an analysis standpoint, identifying target URLs, and then development of a migration engine to move the content and then clean it up.

It was additionally critical to SolarWinds that the customer experience remain consistent throughout the implementation. Rigorous testing was conducted rigorous testing to ensure that, for example, product registrations operated exactly the same as they did on the old CMS and that there were no interruptions in reporting for the back office. We additionally did a throttled approach to releasing the site so it didn’t adversely impact anything.

Finish Right

The project was completed in just four months, utilizing Sitecore content management and analytics. Clay Tablet was integrated to provide the multi-lingual capabilities the site required. Because Sitecore was new to SolarWinds, we additionally provided a great deal of training and education on the platform.

Since the launch content management process has dramatically improved – content owners can now easily develop and publish content while maintaining ownership, removing the dependency they once had on offshore resources. The overall process has become much more streamlined, and the speed of content delivery has increased while reducing the number of staff needed to maintain their site.

Translations have improved significantly as well. Before, their international site content wasn’t consistent. With Sitecore Solarwinds can now translate a site into six languages in just a few months, while maintaining a consistent presentation throughout the process.

SolarWinds VP of eCommerce commented, “I don’t know if it was your deployment and/or your abilities, or if it was just Sitecore, but this stuff just works and works well. I’m very impressed with our agility and ability to manage all our content and product information.”