Quisitive Datalink

Move your data to the cloud 5x faster

Find out how to link data to the modern cloud to accelerate value

Data is at the heart of every business, serving as the foundation upon which profit and predictability are created. Yet many businesses struggle with accessing and managing their data. Legacy systems, multiple data sources, unclear migration paths to the cloud, security and governance all present their own set of issues, keeping organizations stuck and unable to leverage data in a way that really serves the business.

Moving data to the cloud provides a ready solution to this issue – data can be easily stored, organized, managed and modeled in a way that resolves business challenges and facilitates real-time decision making. However, the migration path to the cloud isn’t always clear or easy. Legacy systems, multiple data sources, security and governance all present their own set of issues, keeping businesses mired in chaos with ineffective business processes and an inability to leverage data to drive the business.

Quisitive Datalink puts an end to this constant cycle of data churn by providing an accelerated way to present vital information in a consumable and easily accessible way. It facilitates the consolidation of unstructured data which can then be pulled out, mined and correlated in different ways. And, it eliminates the need to build a custom application or manage costly infrastructure.

With Datalink, companies can quickly get to a single view of their customers and business, enabling data-driven decision making to improve customer acquisition, generate more revenue, improve forecasts and reduce operating costs and risks.

Learn how Datalink accelerates the move of data to the cloud by 5x.


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